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Israeli Apartheid Week kick off in Gaza
Israeli Apartheid Week kick off in Gaza
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Israeli Apartheid Week, the IAW has kicked off in the besieged Gaza Strip. Local and international activists have attended.

The event focuses on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of Israeli products, cultural and academic activities worldwide.

The Israeli Apartheid Week aims to draw attention to Tel Aviv’s aggressions against Palestinians in the past six decades.

The international event also sheds light on the similarities between the Palestinian struggle and that of the sovereignty struggle in South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement. Videos depicting Israeli apartheid policies were played.

 Also, video messages were shown from international activists who were unable to attend the event in Gaza due to Israel’s blockade of the territory.

Israeli officials have described the BDS movement as a great threat to Tel Aviv, as the campaign is expanding worldwide. The BDS movement started nearly nine years ago, with the stated goal of bringing an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Source: Press TV