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Al-Sarsak is representative of Palestinian prisoners
Al-Sarsak is representative of Palestinian prisoners
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Gaza, Alray - In the light of Palestinian Prisoner Day, the ex-prisoner Mahmoud Al-Sarsak, the hero of "the empty intestine battle" said, his ongoing tour in Europe is considered a great success in both  media and humanitarian fields."

Sarsak phoned Prisoners Studies Center on Tuesday evening from Norway, informing them that his tour started in France, and he attended an activity in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners at the Red Cross in Paris.  

He added that, he was hosted for two days at the European Parliament and held mettings with seven MPs individually and showed several testimonies on Israeli violations against prisoners. He called for humanitarian and legal protection for Palestinian prisoners in addition to criminalizing "Israel" as it turns a deaf ear and violates international conventions and humanitarian laws.

" My tour  will continue, and I am now  in Norway where I held a meeting accompanied with  Palestinan-Norwegian Association, led by Professor Gerd Devon." Sarsak explained to Prisoners Center.

He met the ex-prisoners Mohammed Saleh, and Ahmed Khalayla at Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demanding an urgent end of administrative detention, solitary confinement and the overall suffering of prisoners in jails.

Sarsak reported that, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded"Israel" to put an end to this file.

"Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally asked Europeans not to receive or deal with Sarsak claiming that he is a terrorist affiliated to a terrorist organization, but Europeans rejected those allegations." He said

"My tour is continuing. I will participate in activities in Netherlands, and Italy to support detainees, in addition to making a speech in the annual celebration of Milan in 28/04/2013 in which I will talk about detainees' sufferings and Israeli violations agains them.