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Issawi: Prisoner Day be revolution for prisoners
Issawi: Prisoner Day be revolution for prisoners
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Gaza, Alray - Samer al-Issawi called -from his room in Kaplan hospital- on the free world to pressure Israel to free the oppressed Palestinian detainees, calling that 17.04.2013 be Day of Revolution and Solidarity with them.

The letter reads:

"The world should deliver the voice of prisoners paying for freedom of their people and their land and defending the Islamic and Christian sanctities,"

"They are still up to this moment struggling inside the prisons in order to have their detention conditions improved and to maintain their dignity, whereas jailers are constantly violating the international conventions and laws that guarantee their freedom."

"Jailers are trying to tighten the grip on prisoners to thwart them, and get them to feel they are alone in this battle"

"Our freedom does not hang on negotiations with Israelis; the PA must freeze negotiations until the release of all Palestinians"

Issawi addressed the prisoners to unite as they share the same plight.

He appreciated the solidarity moves for him, but he added "I need not any move of solidarity, because I go into this battle on behalf of you my people; any move should be to good of the prisoners as a whole".