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Israeli occupation attacks two Jerusalemite students
Israeli occupation attacks two Jerusalemite students
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Gaza,Alray - Israeli occupation police attacked on Wednesday two students from Al-Qura'an School of "Al-Aqsa Foundation" in Jerusalem while entering  Al-Aqsa Mosque.

 "The two students are Zaeda Khalfawi, Ghadir Shkirat were assaulted   while they were entering Al-Aqsa Mosque yesterday."

Khalfawi pointed out that Israeli soldiers assaulted her after asking for identity card. They provocatively uttered verbally abusive words, a soldier hit her in the head.

The student Shkirat stated," Members of the occupation police attacked me and hitting me on the ground. They tried to arrest and handcuff me." adding, " A group of women in the place objected this action, prompting the police to leave after  causing bruises  and pains in my both hands . 

Some of young men tried to defend the students but the soldiers attacked  them.

Al-Aqsa Foundation denounced  that incident, saying  this act is an evidence of the barbaric mentality of occupation, stressing that attacking   elderly Muslim women is a challenge to the Arab and Islamic nation as a whole.