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Misha'al: Prisoners' issue a priority
Misha'al: Prisoners' issue a priority
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Gaza, Alray - " We have no options but to work seriously and vigorously in order to liberate Palestinian prisoners." Head of the Hamas political bureau, Khaled Mesh'al said, adding ," liberating them is our main duty, and we will not accept any more captivity."

Mesh'al  pledged on his speech- through  a phone call- during an activity organized by Hamas on Palestinian Prisoners  Day  to work hard to release prisoners from Israeli occupation jails.

The event was held in the hall of the International Red Cross in Khan younis southern the Gaza Strip marking Prisoners Day, and the ninth anniversary of  martyrdom of  Leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi. It included several activities : nasheed , act scenes in addition to introducing a plaque to Al-Rantisi wife.   

Mash'al stressed the need to activate the work for  releasing all prisoners inside Israeli jails.

He told prisoners families that relief is coming as long as resistance continues, pointing out that the issue of prisoners is one of the most important priorities as Hamas seeks to liberate them by all means to get them back to their families.

"Hamas sticks to Palestinian unalienable rights and insists on librating Jerusalem and returning   to our land ." He said, confirming it is exerting efforts to lift the siege on Gaza.

He drew tribute to all Palestinian martyrs and Hamas leaders, stressing adherence to resistance in all its forms especially the armed one and the Palestinian reconciliation to end the division and unify the nation.

Referring to Al-Rantisi anniversary he said," It is a great occasion and important to all of us. May Allah bless all those heroes who sacrificed themselves for Palestine ."   

 Mrs Al-Rantisi "Umm Mohammed" spoke about her husband's life and his good treatment to his patients ,family and neighbors ."He was humble  "I will go on in carrying  his message to sacrifice everything for our religion and just cause."