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3 Palestinian refugees died in Syria
3 Palestinian refugees died in Syria
Humanitarian aid to Yarmouk camp.
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Gaza, ALRAY - Three Palestinian refugees died on Tuesday in bombing against Palestinian refugees camps in Syria.

The Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria reported on its website that Hamza Khamees and Huda Mohammed died in  regime shelling against Jaramana camp for Palestinian refugees.

It also reported that Bassam al-Shafei from Homs tortured to death in the Syrian regime prison on last Saturday , he was arrested  in October 2012.

It is reported that limited amount of aids were distributed to the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk  as well as the Red Crescent committee in Yarmouk  received vaccines for polio and some important medicines. A number of humanitarian cases were lifted from the camp.

The humanitarian aids to Yarmouk camp have been  suspended  since 20 days ago.