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University students hold mock trial of Yassin killers
University students hold mock trial of Yassin killers
Sharia and Law students of IUG during the mock trial. IUG Photo: March 24, 2014
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Gaza, ALRAY - University students in Gaza organized on Monday a mock trial for the killers of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin on the 10th anniversary of his extrajudicial assassination.

Head of Sharia and Law Club of Islamic University’s Student Union, Mohammed Abu Hashem said the moot trail is a model of International Criminal Court (ICC) in which we hope that killers of Sheikh Yassin tried.

"Martyrdom of Sheikh Yassin has been an awakening for Muslims and a beacon for the martyrs, so we should always remember him as one who boldly defended the Palestinians’ rights and paid his life for them," Abu-Hashem added.

For his part, former prisoners' affairs minister, Mohammed al-Ghoul insisted that those who shed Sheikh Yassin's blood will be accountable for their action.

"We will continue to demand for this right; it is not subject to any statute of limitations,” he said, adding that Sheikh Yassin’s murder is a war crime according to the international law.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Islamic Resistance Movement-Hamas and national resistance leader, was extra-judicially assassinated in an Israeli air strike on March 22, 2004 after performing Fajr prayers.