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Moroccan groups call for cutting ties with ‘G4S Israel’
Moroccan groups call for cutting ties with ‘G4S Israel’
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Gaza, Alray - 14 Moroccan human rights organizations and associations demanded the Israeli company ‘G4S’ be dismissed from Morocco.

They called on official bodies, NGOs, and contractors doing business with G4S to sever all ties with the company, a partner in carrying out war crimes and crimes against humanity, according to the organizations.

Member of the National Working Group to Support Palestine Simon Osadon said in a seminar on Wednesday that "G4S Israel" says it works in prisons containing "security prisoners" which were turned to be Palestinian political prisoners; "G4S" controls the security systems and central control rooms in Ketziot prison which holds 2,200 Palestinian political prisoners, Megiddo prison with over 1,200 prisoners and Damun prison with over 500 Palestinian politicians, some of whom are put in administrative detention, and most of whom have not tried. “

 “The company installed defence systems on the walls surrounding Ofer prison where 1500 Palestinian political prisoners are held. It also operates the compound’s central control room that also includes a military court that tries detainees from the West Bank on a daily basis.” He added.

Simon explained that "G4S Israel" provides full security for the central control room of the HaSharon-Rimonim prison compound which has a wing for Palestinian political prisoners.

“G4S Israel also offers security systems for the "Abu Kabir" Detention and Interrogation Centre in Jaffa, "Kishon" Detention and Interrogation Centre in Haifa and the "Russian Compound" Detention and Interrogation Centre in occupied Jerusalem”

Palestinian prisoners, in these centres, are usually detained for many years without trial; human rights organizations gathered evidence of their torture there, according to Simon.

The multi-national "G4S" company is on the list as well as other companies such as "Caterpillar", "Siemens", "Alstom", and "Veolia" which aid the crimes of the Zionist apartheid regime and continue to exist and invest in Morocco.