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Israeli forces arrest Palestinian ex-detainee
Israeli forces arrest Palestinian ex-detainee
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Gaza,Alray - Israeli occupation forces arrested on Sunday the ex-detainee Hosam Al-Bastami, 32, from Nablus.

" Israeli soldiers stormed Asira area to the west of  Nablus, and arrested Hosam Bastami  and took him to Hawara detention center south of the city." The researcher at the Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights (ISFHR) Ahmed Betawi said.

"Bastami was released recently. He spent 11 years in Israel jails on charges of participating in operations against "Israel"and as being a member of Hamas." He said pointing out that he is a student in the Faculty of Law at Al-Najah University.

It is worth mentioning that Bastami was arrested just two days before beginning student council elections at Al Najah University, where  the Islamic Block  is to participate in election for the first time for 6 years.

Israeli occupation forces often arrest college students on the eve of every election attempted to cancel them.