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11 Palestinian MPs and minister still in prison
11 Palestinian MPs and minister still in prison
MP Mohammed Abu Tier
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities still detain 11 Palestinian MPs and one minister, most are administrative detainees, AHRAR Centre for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights said.

The centre pointed out that Israeli forces mean to extend the detention of MPs when their service is about to end. They suffer from various diseases and very bad conditions in prison.

Head of the centre Foad al-Khafash said that all the detained MPs are ex-prisoners who served long terms  in prison. Israeli forces detained them after short period of release.

Al-Khafash confirmed that the detention of MPs is a blow to their efforts and status. It is not a precedent for the occupation who arrested more than once the head of Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik.

MPs detained are: Ahmed Attoun, Mohammed Abu Teir, Yasser Mansour, Mahmoud Ramahi, Abdel Jaber Fuqaha, Ahmad Saadat, Marwan Barghouti, Nizar Ramadan, Mohammed Maher Badr, Mohammed Jamal Natshe, Hatem Kufaisheh, and Minister Issa Al-Jabari.