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Palestinian Prisoner’s Day events launched in Gaza
Palestinian Prisoner’s Day events launched in Gaza
Atallah Abu al-Sabah speaking at 'Prisoner's Day events launch' in front of exprisoner home. (ALRAY Photo: April 2, 2014)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs announced on Wednesday morning the launch of  Palestinian Prisoner Day’s events from in front of the house of ex-prisoner Majdi Hammad.

The ministry events are to be held in cooperation with the Waed Society Prisoners and Ex-prisoners on the 17th of April.

Dr Atallah Abu Sabah, the minister of prisoners' affairs, called on the international community and human rights institutions to mount pressure on the Israeli occupation implement prisoner-related provisions of the international law.

He emphasized the role of resistance in West Bank, stressing that kidnapping of Israeli prisoners is the most viable option to liberate the Palestinian prisoners, who number over 5000, according to official figures.

The minister said Palestinan Prisoner’s Day is a day of unity and mobilization for the Palestinian people , calling for wide participation in activities marking this day.

Ex-prisoner Majdi Hammad, who was freed in the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel in October 2011, passed away on March 19, 2014 from a sudden heart arrest.

Hamas stroke a historic deal with Israel under which 1047 Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for Jilad Shalit, a French Jew captured by the Palestinian resistance in 2006.