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Israeli court delays trial of six Jerusalem lawyers
Israeli court delays trial of six Jerusalem lawyers
Released from prison on 23 December, Samer Issawi poses for a photograph with his sister, Shireen. (Saeed Qaq / APA images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israel’s Central Court delayed the trial of six Palestinian lawyers from Jerusalem to Thursday allegedly to continue judicial proceedings, a Palestinian society said.

An investigation carried out by the police and Shabak (Israeli security agency) allegedly found that the six lawyers passed messages from and to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip to Palestinian prisoners on a commission.

Palestinian Prisoner’ Club identified the lawyers as Medhat al-Issawi, Shireen Issawi, Mahmoud Abu Sneineh, Amjad Al-Safadi, and Nadeen Egrayib, and Omar Eskafi.

On March 17, an Israeli military court denied an appeal made by Shireen Issawi to end her detention without charge.

Issawi, along with her brothers, Medhat and Shadi, was arrested on March 6, 2014, along with fellow Palestinian lawyer Amjad al-Safadi.

Shireen is the sister and was the lawyer of Samer Issawi, once an administrative detainee who spent around nine months on hunger strike in Israeli jail. 

Her detention has been extended for five times in the period between March 13 and April 4.