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U.S. citizens not told whole truth on Palestine
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  • 06:04 08 April 2014
U.S. citizens not told whole truth on Palestine
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By: Janet Leslie

The Israeli government has done it again: reneged on an agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

And the U.S. media — including our local paper — have done it again: presented this as "Palestinian President Abbas resumes a Palestinian bid for further U.N. recognition despite a promise to suspend such efforts" (E-R, April 2). What is not said is that that promise was made in exchange for an Israeli government promise to release certain Palestinian prisoners from its (extensive) prisons, a pledge it just broke. And in the E-R article, U.S spokespeople talk about more incentives the U.S. might offer Israel to keep its side of the agreement — including the possible release from U.S. prison of a convicted Israeli spy — so that these so-called negotiations might not collapse (again).

When will we — the U.S. — recognize that the Israeli government has no interest in any outcome of any "negotiations" other than total control of all of Palestine? The Israeli government has always focused on "facts on the ground," and continues to expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank, demolish Palestinian homes, and do everything possible to make economic, social and religious life so restricted and difficult for Palestinian people that they will leave and this "problem" of non-Jewish people living in the land of Israeli will go away.

When will we — the U.S. — stop enabling this with our funding and our constant siding with the Israeli government , against our national interest and our values as a people.