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Israeli soldiers: settlers stab us in backs
Israeli soldiers: settlers stab us in backs
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Occupied WB, ALRAY - For the second time in a single night, Settlers from “Yizhar” settlement, south of Nablus, punctured tires of a military jeep belonged to Israeli reservist forces guarding the settlement.

The reservists whose jeep’s tires were punctured said: “ we expected someone to say thank you since we left our families, business and studies to guard the settlers. Yet, we were insulted.”

A soldier in the same unit said: “this act was intentional and not spontaneous. We guarded them then they responded by stabbing us in the back.”

Settlers from the same settlement punctured for the second time in a few months tires of a jeep belongs to the commander of the Israeli forces in the northern WB. Boys from the settlement threw stones at the vehicle of a senior official in the civil administration a few days ago.

Yizhar settlement is the most hostility outpost to the Palestinians in the northern WB. Its settlers carry out weekly attacks against the nearby Palestinian villages.