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Humiliating Arabs is intentional practice in Israeli airports
Humiliating Arabs is intentional practice in Israeli airports
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Pre-1948 Palestine, ALRAY - Without warnings or reasons and while returning, Tariq Khateeb who is holding a foreign nationality was taken to the interrogation room in the Israeli “Ben-Gurion” airport and detained for more than eight hours.

In spite of the several inquiries asked by his family to the airport administration and security about their son’s place, they did not receive any answer. In the end, they were told that he was being interrogated.

Such a case is one of dozens several Arabs are still exposed to. They are subjected to interrogation, humiliation and harassment at the Israeli airports that pursued such practices repeatedly against Arab citizens in Israel during their travelling.

Khateeb,25, said the airport security took him to the interrogation room after they discovered through his passport he was an Arab citizen. They interrogated him for more than an hour for the reasons of where, when and why he left and returned to Israel.

Khateeb’s family arrived to the airport when they felt that he was too late. However, the airport’s security prevented Khateeb from making a call to tell them about his place.

The security didn’t only interrogate Khateeb to let him go, but they left him detained in the room alone from 1 pm until 8 pm, to reflect the policy of "Israel’s" racism and humiliating the Arabs with all the practices it has.