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Occupation arrests five Palestinians in WB
Occupation arrests five Palestinians in WB
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Occupied WB, ALRAY - The Israeli Occupation Forces arrested Wednesday at dawn five Palestinian citizens after raiding several areas in the occupied West Bank.

The IOF claimed the arrested Palestinians were wanted to its security forces for interrogation. They were transferred to the concerned security parties for questioning.

According to Palestinian security sources, the IOF arrested Mahmoud Hrebat, 16, after breaking into his family's house in al-Tabaqa village, south of Doura in the West Bank.

At dawn, Occupation patrols raided  Ethna, Halhoul, Bani Naeam, and Doura town.

Israeli occupation forces routinely carry out arrest raids in the West Bank. Around 40 percent of Palestinian men living in the occupied territories have been detained by Israel at some point in their lives.