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Releasing Palestinian prisoners is a top priority: PM Haniyeh
Releasing  Palestinian prisoners is a top priority:  PM Haniyeh
PM Ismail Haniyeh kissing Palestinian prisoners' daughters
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Gaza, ALRAY  - Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh demanded to unify the Palestinian, Arab and international efforts to support the Palestinian  prisoners' steadfastness in the Israeli occupation prisons , and to work by all means to end their suffering.

This came during a conference entitled "Our Prisoners are Our Guide to Freedom" which was held on Tuesday at the Islamic university to accumulate the Palestinian  prisoners' Day. 

Haniyeh criticized the silence of international community towards the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian prisoners, " the International organizations have to break their silence towards the Israeli crimes."

He sent a word for the prisoners' leaders  Ibrahim Hamed , Derar al- Sisi, Marwan Barghouti , Ahmed Saadat and others saying  "Ending solitary confinement is not enough, you should be released," stressing that prisoners' issue is a top propriety for Palestinian resistance.        

He emphasized the importance of proceeding  the activities  that support prisoners, appreciating the popular movement inside and outside Palestine which call for releasing the prisoners and ending their  solitary confinement.


Haniyeh called to build a new Palestinian equation based on Palestinian national unity and the  adoption of  the resistance choice  in all its forms throughout Palestinian territories.

He  explained that the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli negotiations process proved its failure more than once, noting that US. meditation is too biased in favor of  the Israeli occupation side.

He  also stressed the need to complete the program of national reconciliation in correspondence with  Palestinians needs in order to  protect  Palestinian rights and constants and all options that  would achieve  Palestinian  aspirations.

He demanded to rebuild a Palestinian leadership reference of Palestinians by holding elections in the  Palestinian National Council (PNC).

"So many Palestinians around the world are still waiting to return to their homeland." Haniyeh expressed.

The minister of Detainees Affairs  Atallah Abu Sebeh demanded the Arab and Islamic world to stop the Israeli occupation violations of  Palestinian prisoners' rights  inside prisons and to activate the prisoners issue   in the international forums.

 He stressed that the Israeli occupation does not respect the international agreements and treaties and considers himself above international law.

 The released prisoner in Wafaa al-Ahrar deal Rawhi Mushtaha said " The civilized nations  and the free world who claimed the urbanization and humanity are still standing silent toward the issue of prisoners," calling on the international institutions to do its justice role.

He made clear that Palestinian prisoners live under inhuman conditions in the Israeli jails  as the IPS follows illegal  in dealing with them  by torturing them, preventing their relatives from visiting , and ruleing them administratively without charge for long time, in addition of the repressive practices which invoke the  prisoners  forcing them to clash with the IPS.

Pro-Palestinian activist  said that the Palestinian resistance against the occupation is legitimate, emphasizing the justice of the prisoners issue, adding that he  will work  to raise  the Palestinian prisoners issue internationally and to reveal the occupation's crimes against the Palestinian prisoners.