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5200 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons
5200  Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza said the number of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons is up to 5200 prisoners, including 20 female prisoners and 235 children.

On the anniversary of Palestinian Prisoner's Day, scheduled on April 17, the number of ill Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons is about 1400. They suffer different diseases, including 170 are in need for necessary surgery operations.

The number of administrative prisoners is approximately 183, while they were about 30 ones before Oslo accords, and 476 prisoners are sentenced to life imprisonment, the ministry pointed out.

It assured that arrests, practiced routinely by Israeli occupation against prisoners, flatly contrast with the basic principles of the international law and human rights laws.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed all the international community members, like the UN, OIC, AL, other human rights organizations, and foreign ministries all over the world to stick to their human, historical, and legal responsibilities towards the Palestinians prisoners in the Israeli prisons.

The ministry also called them to adopt prisoners' case and work rapidly to achieve the human justice toward them, by obligating the Israeli forces to release prisoners, mainly children, women, and ill ones.