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Ministry of Education holds set-in to mark Prisoners Day: photos
Ministry of Education  holds set-in to mark Prisoners Day: photos
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Gaza, ALRAY - Large numbers of students from different schools Thursday morning participated in the set-in organized by the Ministry of Education in Gaza to mark the Prisoners’ Day, which coincided with 17April.

Director General of the ministry’s educational activities Zakaria al-Hur said during a solidarity sit-in in front of the ministry’s headquarter, the ministry support prisoners’ issue and stand with them in prisons, as well as their families.

Large numbers of children and students participated in the sit-in, using their pens to draw pictures mimic the suffering of Palestinian prisoners and their diaries inside the occupation illegal prisons, he added.

He stressed that the ministry also seeks to focus efforts to serve the Palestinian prisoners at all levels such as exempting sons of ex-prisoners from paying the students’ fees, recognizing all the certificates  prisoners got in prison.

It also provided prisoners with several scholarships and facilitated exams hold inside Israeli prisons, al-Hur pointed out.

He stressed the necessity for documenting the Israeli occupation crimes and encouraging students to learn more about their just cause.

Al-Hur called on all international human rights organizations to take a serious and firm stand  to stop the Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners, demanding  the Palestinian factions to unite in order to serve the cause.

On April 17, Palestinian Prisoners Day is commemorated, reminding the world of one of the many injustices Israeli practices  against the Palestinian people, who struggle only to live a normal life with all the basic human rights.

On this day every year, Palestinians and sympathizers in districts across the West Bank and Gaza, as well as across the world, organize sit-ins, demonstrations and solidarity tents in support of their relatives, friends and neighbors in prison. These actions often take place outside the International Committee of the Red Cross office, because it is the body in charge of monitoring the conditions of Palestinian detainees.




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