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59 Palestinian families visit their sons in Beersheba Prison
59 Palestinian families visit their sons in Beersheba Prison
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Gaza, ALRAY - 59 families of Gaza prisoners left the besieged Gaza Strip on Monday at dawn to visit their sons in Beersheba prison via ''Beit Hanoun'' Erez crossing to the north of the Gaza Strip.

Director of Media in International Committee of the Red Cross, Nasser al-Najjar, said that 59 families, including 14 children, headed to Beersheba prison to visit 54 prisoners.

Najjar pointed out: ''There are more than five thousand Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons, including 420 from the Gaza Strip. Most of them are elderly and serve high sentences''.

Israeli occupation allowed visit permits after the prisoners' hunger strike that lasted for 28 days in April 2012.

There are currently 25 prisons and military detention centers in which Palestinian prisoners are held, including four interrogation centers, four military detention centers and 17 prisons.

There are an estimated 5,200 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel, of which 10 are members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).