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Misha'l: Hamas seeks to release Palestinian prisoners
Misha'l: Hamas seeks to release Palestinian prisoners
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Gaza, Alray - Chairperson of Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Misha'l said,"in the next four years we will release Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails."

Misha'l said during "Bela Hudud" Programme on Al-Jazeera Television, "We seek to achieve seven priorities that serve Palestinians and our just cause."

"Hamas sticks to resistance in all its forms to return Palestinian human rights," he said, noting that Jerusalem is always targeted and subjected to Israeli measures that aim to change its features.

Misha'l confirmed the importance of the right of return and unity to face Israeli occupation.  

Referring to division file he said that reconciliation does not come in the context of the struggle over power, but to encourage resistance.

He pointed out  the need for ending security coordination file with the occupation in order to accelerate reconciliation, adding, "I am sorry for the behaviour of the Palestinian Authority and some Arab parties which brought to this relinquishment."

Why Arab leaders would not give up their lands and want Palestinians to surrender to Israeli occupation, He added.