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After 8 years in a coma, Mahmoud died today
After 8 years in a coma, Mahmoud died today
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Febraury 5, 2013

Gaza- Alray on line

Qassam Said Mahmoud al-Damidi, 18, never woke up from the coma he had been in since being run over by a settler in Hiwarah street in Nablus eight years ago.

Mahmoud died today in Rabin-Belenson Hospital, where he had been treated for the last eight-years, according to local sources.

Hiwarah street is street used by both Israeli settlers and Palestinians, and connects the north and the center of the West Bank. It is also used by Israeli soldiers to get to the settlements in the South of Nablus.

It is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the West Bank, leading to it being named by Palestinians the "Street of Death." Settlers tended to drive their vehicles at high speed, putting the life of Palestinians in danger.