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Three girls arrested in Lod in police raid
Three girls arrested in Lod in police raid
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Gaza, Al Ray - Israeli forces, accompanied by military bulldozers, arrested three Palestinian girls in a raid of their home in the Schneier neighborhood in the occupied  city of Lod. 

Local sources said the forces severely beat the home residents and caused fractures and wounds to some of them. They arrested three girls and took them to a police station.

The Israeli police reportedly said they were looking for "contraband" but did not find any. 

Head of the Popular Committee in Lod, Ibrahim Abu Sa'lok said the police measures are unjustified.

Abu Sa'lok told the Safa news agency that the violent raiding of the house, assaulting on the people inside and arresting of girls violate human rights and the privacy of the family.

The move aims to  defame the Palestinians and evict them from their land of origin, he explained.