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Weekly Report: Upsurge in Israeli settlement tenders
Weekly Report: Upsurge in Israeli settlement tenders
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West Bank, Al Ray - Palestinian Office of the Public Land Defense Committee said the Israeli government announced tenders for the building of 3300 settler houses in the occupied West Bank in the period from May 31 to June.

The financial committee of the Knesset approved a budget of NIS 170 million for the building of 1500 new settlement homes in occupied east Jerusalem and the West Bank and announced tenders for additional 1800 homes soon after that, the committee said in its weekly report issued on Saturday.

Both Israeli announcements were reportedly in response to the Palestinian unity government, which angered ‘Israel’, spurring the occupation state to restrict movement of Palestinian officials from and to the West Bank, and limit cooperation with the Palestinian Authority to the security level.

The report also highlighted the demolition activity in occupied east Jerusalem, saying:

"The occupation authorities demolished a six-floor building in occupied Jerusalem under the pretext of building without license, 40-square meters size residential barracks that belong to Ashraf Wazzoz in "Tantor Far'oon" area of Silwan town,”

They also demolished greenhouses and a commercial building in the Hezma town, north-eastern Jerusalem and confiscated the property within. They seized as well goods and fridges from a shop in the same locality, the report added.

In Hebron, Israel’s Supreme Court ordered to legitimize the "Abigail" settlement outpost accommodates seven houses built on the Susia area, south of Hebron.

In this context, Israeli authorities demolished the and the 'Etzion' outpost municipal council demolished the street tents used as shops by the Palestinian farmers of the Hebron town of Beit Ummar, and damaged the fruits and vegetables within, the office said.

The occupation forces took over a tractor owned by a citizen of the Beit Ummar town. Settlers beat two Palestinian minors and a citizen in his thirties, and others attacked Khirbet Um El-Kheir, in the south of the Hebron.