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Abbas: We will punish everyone assaults journalists
Abbas: We will punish everyone assaults journalists
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Occupied WB, ALRAY - " We will punish everyone violates the Palestinian journalists." President Mahmoud Abbas Saturday said during receiving the Arab journalists delegation participating in the Arab Journalists Conference.

Abbas added, “We denounce the violations against the Palestinian journalists everywhere and confirm that we want them to express their opinions anytime and anywhere freely."

A solidarity march was organized by Palestinians on last Friday to back the administrative detainees who have been on hunger strike since April 24. Palestinian policemen crack down on the march and assaulted journalists who were covering the march.

He pointed out that press is the fourth estate because it plays an important role in the Palestinian cause, therefore, we will allow them to work without any pressures and deny any violation against them.

In regard to the status quo in the Palestinian territories, Abbas said,  that Palestinian citizens in the West Bank cities, mainly in Hebron, suffer a serious crisis because of the missed three Israeli settlers.

" We are doing our best to bring the missed Israeli boys back to their families and hope that the Israeli government and people deal with us as we do. We are humans and have rights like them,” he added.

The president confirmed that the Israeli arrests, citizens' houses search, arbitrary violations against Palestinian are not justifiable. We are trying to end the Israeli occupation in our land and establish the Palestinian state and east Jerusalem as its capital.

Israeli army have been storming Palestinian cities and towns, raiding dozens of houses, arresting hundreds of citizens in hunt for three settlers who were missed a week ago in the West Bank city of Hebron. Yet, no clear evidence the three settlers were abducted as Israel claimed.