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A backward Glance on ten days of a new war ..
A backward Glance on ten days of a new war ..
As Israel banged the drums of war on Gaza, a wave of violent bombardments raided the land, sea and air.
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By Maram Humaid

Bombardments, flames of fires, explosions, ambulances sirens, bloody dead bodies, injuries everywhere !

Scenes that Israel does not get rid of repeating them again and again many times in Gaza, assuring its brutal desire in killing more and more Palestinians through decades.

As Israel banged the drums of war on Gaza, a wave of violent bombardments raided the land, sea and air. These raids have not stopped for the tenth day in a row .

Intensively, the bombardments targeted the homes of civilians everywhere across the high densely populated strip, causing an accelerated rising number of dead and injuries; recent death toll reached : 222, about 1570injured, more than 1400 homes completely destroyed and 8.200 displaced.

The escalation between Israel and Palestinian resistance raised in the wake of murdering a Palestinian guy " Mohammed Khdair " in Jerusalem.

Latterly, the situation strained when Israel declared its military operation against Gaza named " Edge protective "ten days ago .

Moments after Israeli operation announcement, the warplanes invaded the skies of Gaza, bombed a number of homes, lands, sites in several districts across the strip.

 This initial wave of raids brought to Palestinians' minds the memories of the recent two wars on Gaza in 2012, 2008, confirming a new third war.

Not similarly to the past onslaughts on Gaza, this attack came on Ramadan, the holy month that all Muslims around the world celebrate its arrival.  Israel bombs, targets, injures, kills Palestinians in Gaza while they are fasting. Many victims killed while their stomachs were empty.

Moreover, Israeli warplanes always choose the time of " Iftar" ( Breakfast ) - which is on AlMaghreb prayer, a meal that all Palestinian families members have together in Ramdan to break the long fasting day- to launch its raids intensively that the one could not eat, or even focus, especially children who rapidly get feared and lose their appétit.

The fear of the nonstop bombings around while fasting  causes a depressed feeling of fatigue, in addition to that it buries away the main features of the holy month, as reciting Quran regularly, going to AlTarweeh prayer – a prayer which is performed only in Ramadan after Alisha prayer – which becomes very dangerous for Palestinian people to go to the mosques in the evening as the ongoing shelling.

This fear deeply assured yesterday, when Israel targeted a home belongs to Albatch family, exactly when Altarweeh prayer in the near mosques ended, turning the area to a real massacre theatre, 17 people reported killed from one family, around 38 injured from the whole area.

Forcibly, Palestinians in Gaza found themselves trapped in homes, spending frightful times unusually during the month of tranquility amid the nonstop shelling of Israeli artilleries around.

With the past two wars that they had experienced, Gazans got adapted with the boring routine of war times: parents do not allow their children to go outside, no one go to his work; institutions, associations, universities, governmental departments closed work until the situation gets easier. It seems like a paralysis hit all daily life aspects in the city. Streets are fully empty, except ambulances which heard rushing after every explosion.

All people trapped in their homes watching TV news where reporters and journalists reporting catastrophic photos from targeted places and hospitals. Families gather around TV following silently the news of massacres, while the Israeli strikes continue over them, one feeling, one idea stick in their minds, that yes, we might be the next news, we might be reported dead, injured just like those massacred families who were watching news together, and the day after they were the news themselves ..

Electricity could be a priceless thing to have during war time, especially when your area turn at night. Gaza has an old-new problem of power since more than 7 years, that people have 8 Power on hours per day.

Bombing during a power-off night is such a tough experience, the only way to know the news is listening to local radio stations who report news all the night. A dusky power off night of a war means a full black darkness where only flames of explosions and strikes can be seen lightening the area as if the sun rises !

On the other hand, easier the night would be when people have power on, so they can switch on the lights, watching TV with watcheyes, or following news on social media; many activists in Gaza live publish news of explosions and strikes, especially on facebook and twitter.

 They could be followed all the day reporting news, describing the huge sounds of bombs around them, uploading photos and videos of near destroyed homes, dead and injured bodies. Factually,  they often do that with a trembling heart and shaky typing fingers as the terrifying aircraft hovering over them ..

New media finds its way amongst Palestinian youths who gradually shoulder the responsibility to spread there the updated of their life under attack for people around the world; this skill turned to a national duty that everyone who is aware of it should perform, even if he stays out of Gaza.

Social media activists affirm their essential role as the most well-known mainstream media show their clear bias with Israel who at times try to victimize Israel and criminalize Palestinians by exaggerating the rockets firing from Gaza, other times, they totally mislead people by fabricating news, showing Palestinian's destroyed homes as Israeli ones. This attitude blew up a wave of anger and distrust toward those channels, alternatively, Palestinian activists firmly focus in revealing the reality through social media tools

Day and night and throughout the day, Israeli aircraft relentlessly bombs, explosions been heard the day, and more bloodshed caused, more grief and more fear.

Apparently, Israel willfully meant to record a large number of deaths, as if this is the only way to save its face in front of Israeli people who back their government's brutality against Palestinians.

The unforgettable for Palestinians people is the uncharacteristically wonderful demonstrations across the world in solidarity with Gaza. People of Gaza happily and enthusiastically overjoyed receiving the photos of international demos for their sake.

And Yes, during these hard times, Palestinians do steadily maintain their right of self-defending, just like Israel's, whose spokespersons keep babbling about it on TV screens .

Today Palestinians in Gaza try to strain on their wounds, with steadfastness they face the ongoing crimes at times, but at other times, they can't resist tears amid the heartbreaking loss of the beloved ones, beloved places and beloved memories before their eyes.

Palestinians in Gaza are not feckless, but they have passed throughout injustice enough since long decades, that their hearts could not endure new tragedies anymore ..

And Israeli agression continues ..