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Occupation raids villages, arrests 16 Palestinians in WB
Occupation raids villages, arrests 16 Palestinians in WB
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Occupied West Bank, ALRAY – Israeli Occupation Forces arrested 16 Palestinian citizens on Thursday at dawn after raiding different places in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli TV Channel 7 said that Israeli military arrested a citizen in Nablus, two in Qalqilya and three in Ramallah.

The Occupation claimed arresting 2 activists from Hamas from two villages to the north and west of Hebron, it also arrested a young man in Bethlehem.

Local sources said that the Occupation army arrested two young brothers in Hebron and took them to unknown place.

Israeli forces raided several citizens’ houses in Beit Awwa, west south of Hebron, one of them  belongs to a Palestinian prisoner.

12 military vehicles of the Israeli Occupation raided a number of neighborhoods and houses in Hebron.

In the west and north Hebron, the IOF  raided some houses and arrested a child and young men .

In BeitUmmar, to the north of Hebron, Spokesperson of the Popular Committee Against Apartheid Wall and Settlement, Mohammed Awad, said that Israeli occupation forces heavily raided many houses and arrested citizens there, and forced them to take off their clothes.

In the same context, clashes erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian youths, a number of  citizens suffered suffocation due to the tear gas that the forces shot.