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2400 passengers strand on Rafah crossing
2400 passengers strand on Rafah crossing
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Gaza, Alray - The crossing on Gaza's border remained shut for the third day as Egyptian police closed the gates in protest at the kidnapping of their colleagues.

Maher Abu Sabha, the general director of crossings and borders, said 2400 Palestinians are stranded on the Egyptian side of the crossing since Saturday morning.

He insured that they are contacting the Egyptian side to find  a solution to quickly open the crossing.

Interior ministry said that the crisis is not unsolved yet and if there something new concerning that it will announced through media.

"Closing the crossing for three days is unjustifiable. There are several patients whose life will be in danger if the crisis continues.", " Egypt's internal problems should not affect the Palestinian side." Spokesperson of Hamas Sami Abu Zuhri said.  

Egyptian police closed Rafah crossing suddenly on Friday after Bedouin gun men kidnapped seven Egyptian officers in  Sinai last Thursday