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Israel rejects France 2 findings on al-Durra death
Israel rejects France 2 findings on al-Durra death
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli cabinet rejected an investigative report conducted by France 2 TV photographer about the death of the Palestinian child Mohammed al-Durra in 2000.

The Israeli officials claimed France 2 TV channel has shown scenes not included in the investigation.

Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the report, written in forty pages.

The report stated "unlike the investigation that confirmed al-Durra was killed, the government committee report, being briefed on scenes not included in the investigation proved Dura alive."

Mohammed al-Durra, 12, was showered with bullets while in the lab of his father Jamal trying to protect him during fire exchange between the Israeli occupation army and Palestinian resistance elements in beginning of the second intifada in late 2000.

The inquiry performer Andrlan told AFP "I have told Israeli supreme court we are ready for an independent public inquiry in accordance with international standards."

For his part, the father Jamal Durra told Alray he"doesn't mind opening an international investigation into the murder of his son and exhuming his grave for autopsy,"

He continued "no problem to do it (if) Israel agrees in principle to bring an independent international commission to find out how Mohammed died," adding that he has not been contacted till the moment from any international body to follow up the case.