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Arab 48 to globalize violations inside 1948 occupied territories
Arab 48 to globalize violations inside 1948 occupied territories
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinians in 1948 territories are preparing to publicize Israeli policies of land confiscation, house demolition, and racial discrimination inside the occupied territories.

They have hosted diplomats from 20 foreign embassies in (Tel Aviv), and staged a series of field visits to some of the destroyed villages and to Negev region and coastal cities whose villages and neighborhoods are exposed to demolitions and the uprooting.

In the same vein, foreign diplomats visited the destroyed village Iqrit on the Palestinian-Lebanese border, and met a number of its residents in a church, the only building that had survived Israeli mass destruction.

The delegation listened to the displaced people's complaints as (Israel) kicked them out of their village in late 1948 on security pretexts and blew up their homes, after it reneged on its promise to return them.

The Palestinians inside 1948 territories, who make up 17% of Israel's population, explained the suffering of the Negev Bedouins due to Prawer Plan Law. The plan submitted by former Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Goldberg provides for confiscating about 800 thousand acres after relocating about 30 thousand.

Head of Higher 1948 Arab Monitoring Committee Mohamed Zidan considered the move to "globalize Israel's undemocratic behavior to 1948 Arabs with Israeli citizenship important and meaningful,"

In turn, Suhad Bishara, the attorney from Adalah center, which coordinated the meetings, said "the proposed initiative is part of gaining international support for the Palestinians inside Israel."