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Prisoners' mothers sit in at Red Cross
Prisoners' mothers sit in at Red Cross
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Gaza, Alray - Prisoners' mothers sat in in front of the Red Cross Monday,   Gaza  City, in solidarity with Jordanian prisoners inside Israeli jails.  

They confirmed that their sons' suffering will not make them forget standing behind Jordanian prisoners who are considered  as Palestinians and we should work on releasing them.

About 26 Jordanian prisoners are being on hunger strike for 20 days to stress on their Government to interfere quickly to stop Israeli aggression against them. 

Intisar  Ali from Gaza announced that she will embrace the prisoner Mer'i Abu Saida who was arrested since 4-8-2004 and has to serve 11 life sentences, accused of killing a settler.  

" I am representing Abu Saida's family. It is my duty to stand with them until their son is released and returns to them."Ali said.

Member of the Legislative Council Mushir Al-Masri said that," Israel's attempts to divide Jordanian and Palestinian prisoners' issues, will not succeed," adding," whatever the nationality they have, all the  prisoners are considered Palestinians and we will continue supporting them."  

He appreciated the attitude of  the Jordanian representatives to repel the Israeli ambassador from Jordan.

 Director of Wa'ed Institution for Prisoners said," The next stage will mark more events in cooperating with all factions to send prisoners' issue internationally."