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(IOF) arrests seven Palestinians in Nablus
(IOF) arrests seven Palestinians in Nablus
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli Occupation Forces(IOF) arrested Thursday at dawn seven Palestinians after raiding their houses in Nablus, the West Bank.

Israeli soldiers accompanied by military jeeps stormed some areas in the town and detained Khaled Mahmoud Al-Asi, Khalil Taisir Al-Asi, Muntaser Abu Eisha and Adham Nassar Abu Eisha, according to eyewitnesses.

In the same context Israeli intelligence summoned  seven Palestinians from Qabatia  to  the south  of Jenin.

"IOF gave summons to the Palestinians Hosni Mohammed Zakarna(26), Maher Fayez Zakarna(53), Ezz Mohammed Alawna(22), Alaa Ahmed Abu Al-Rab, Naser Mohammed Zakarna(43), Hosni Oweidat(43), Abd AlKareem Alawi," witnesses said.