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Hamas warns of applying Sharansky's plan
Hamas warns of applying Sharansky's plan
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Gaza, Alray - The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) warned Israel of applying Sharansky's Buraq Wall plan, violating the international conventions.

Ezzat al-Rishq, member of Hamas political bureau,  warned on his Facebook page of this plane,  explaining that it calls to use  the southern part of Buraq Wall as a permanent space for egalitarian prayer.

Under the proposal, the Western Wall plaza would be expanded to encompass the additional prayer space.

"We won't allow Israel to change the Islamic feature of Al- Aqsa mosque" al-Rishq wrote on his Facebook page, " we will resist it" he added.

He noted that Israel applying of digging process in the Islamic archaeological site in the time of UNSECO experts arriving reflects how Israel despises the international conventions.

Israel canceled on Monday the visit of a team from the UN's Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to preservation work in Jerusalem’s Old City.