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Gaza welcomes 243 foreign activists during May
Gaza welcomes 243 foreign activists during May
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Gaza, Alray - Delegations committee at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received about 11 delegations including 243 foreign activists holding Arab, European and Asian nationalities.

Several delegations came to Gaza during May including the Islamic scholar Al-Qaradawi, Bahraini Parliamentary delegation, Al-Wafaa Convoy, Sudanese delegation, Sherian Alhayia 4 delegation, the Austrian delegation, the Egyptian delegation, and Nakba delegation that included 20 scientists.   

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese delegation visited Gaza in 8thMay. It covered costs of the mass wedding for 20 injured in addition to putting the foundation stone for Ansar Charity Institution and for the Sudanese Cultural Center.

The Sudanese delegation signed during the visit Understanding memorandum with Ministry of  Education and provide scholarships to students to study in Sudanese universities.