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Arab Businessmen to invest in Gaza
Arab Businessmen to invest in Gaza
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Gaza, Alray - Ministry of Economy Gaza received on Thursday evening a delegation of Arab Businessmen in Movenpick Hotel in northern Gaza Strip.

“The siege on encouraged the Palestinians to work hard and promote production and development,” adding “our people have succeeded in transforming the siege from a threat to an opportunity for the establishment of projects,” said the Minister of National Economy Alaa al-Rafati.

“The industry sectors in Gaza have made great achievements under the Israeli siege, especially construction, which saw a 30% growth rate, despite the Israel blocking the way to construction materials into the Gaza Strip.” He said.

The member of the delegation Jamal Karim said "the visit to the Gaza Strip is to survey the investment environment," stressing on the businessmen's insistence to carry out investment projects to support Gaza bubble economy.

Karim thanked all those coordinated their arrival to the Gaza Strip, adding that “the Businessmen association would keep up organizing such meetings to solidify investment in Gaza”

For his part, Chair of the Palestinian Businessmen Association Ali Hayek called on Arab businessmen to invest in Gaza "we will support you setting up projects through your vital investments in various fields, so as to create jobs and decrease unemployment rate."

Hayek pointed out that “investment elements are available in Gaza to enable Arab businessmen to invest,” noting that all who invest in the Gaza Strip shall make profit”