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Prisoner transfers including Dhirar Abu Sisi
Prisoner transfers including Dhirar Abu Sisi
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Gaza, Alray - World Gathering to Break the Chains said “the Israeli prisons administration transferred detainee Dhirar Abu Sisi from Ohlikdar prison to Beersheba’s Eichel solitary confinement in southern (Israel)

Abu Sisi, 44, is being held incommunicado in Israeli jails since he was kidnapped at the hands of Israeli Intelligence Agency "Mossad" on February 19, 2011 in Ukraine, where he was shipped in a coffin to (Israel).

He suffers from several chronic diseases; the occupation authorities denied him from treatment or undergoing surgeries. He lost more than thirty kilograms.

Abu Sisi suffers from painful kidney stones, dangerously high blood pressure, anemia, and other serious ailments.  A year before his detention he suffered a serious heart attack. 

In this context, Prisoners Palestine Center for Studies confirmed that “the administration decided to move all the Gaza Strip prisoners in the Negev prison to Nafha prison.

The media director of the Center Riad al-Ashqar said he “received a call from the Negev prisoners informing him of the prison administration's intention to transfer its inmates from the Gaza Strip totaled 35 to Nafha prison.

He explained that “the transfer campaign comes in line with Israeli tightening measures against Palestinian prisoners, and restricting their families’ visitation to them.”