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8 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
8 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
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Gaza, Alray - Eight Palestinian refugees in Syria were killed Thursday by unknown and regular army forces’ bullets and shells, according to reports from the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria.

The group said Friday in a statement “three Palestinian youths of A’aedeen refugee camp of Hama were shot dead as a result from an unidentified armed group firing on their car,”

The victims were recognized as Salim Alsakhnini, Karam Sheikh Khalil, and Farid Kassem.

While Abdullah Awad, 35, was confirmed killed following the bombing attack on Haifa Street in Yarmouk refugee camp, and Bahauddin Khalaf from Jaramana camp was fell injured after gunshot in Adra city.

According to the group, Hayyan Qays, was killed by a bombing in Rukn al-Din a few days ago, and the old Yousif Said from the Yarmouk refugee camp was shot dead by a sniper, while Ibrahim Abdul Hafeez from Dummar died under torture in a Syrian regime prison.