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Moral tribunal in Buenos Aires condemns Israeli settlement
Moral tribunal in Buenos Aires condemns Israeli settlement
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Gaza, Alray - A moral tribunal in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires condemned the Israeli settlement activity in the Palestinian territories.

The event comes in response to Israel’s incompliance with the resolutions of the Security Council, and with the recommendations of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice on the occupied West Bank regarding West bank settlements.

The tribunal’s panel consisted of dignitaries at the regional level, led by deputies of Uruguay and Argentina’s Parliament, former foreign ministers, journalists, writers, psychiatrists, academics, lawyers, human rights advocates, and representatives of political parties.

The panel heard multinational witnesses, who visited Palestinian territories, speaking about the injustice of Israeli occupation. Of whom were former Argentinean MP Silesia Marchand, and psychiatrist Lucille Edelman, and President of the American Association of Judges Buenos Smuklr.

The tribunal issued a verdict accusing "Israel", the US, and other countries of all violations in Palestine, and concluding that Israeli colonial policy leads to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

It also demanded that "Israel" stop settlement and ethnic cleansing, and find a solution to the Palestinian refugees, allow for two sovereign states with secure borders, as Security Council resolution No. 1850 dated 16/12/2008 stipulated.

It called on the Argentine people to participate in BDS against Israeli occupation, and to consider the figures responsible for violations against the Palestinian people "unwanted in Argentina."

It is noteworthy that the trial was scheduled on 30 October 2012, but postponed due to Zionist lobby organizations that worked hard to hold it off. Fortunately, the postponement of the trial helped broaden the participation of neighboring countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela and Brazil.