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High-profile Malaysian delegation arrives evening in Gaza
High-profile Malaysian delegation arrives evening in Gaza
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Gaza, Alray - A high-profile delegation of the Shariah Advisory Council-Malaysia is expected to arrive in the Gaza Strip on Saturday evening, to open multiple relief projects. 

The council said in a press statement that “the delegation, led by the council’s chairman Azmi Abdul Hamid, includes 80 representatives from NGOs and humanitarian work activists from Malaysia.”

 “It shall inaugurate Omar bin Abdul-Aziz Mosque in the northern Gaza Strip, which has been funded at the request of the locality,” the statement added.

They will also visit homes rehabilitated under a project funded by the Council, which is being implemented in coordination with the Gaza Office of Humanitarian Affairs, Organization of Islamic.

The delegation will also sponsor orphans and offer cash donations for poor families, and open an economic empowerment project, according to the statement.

The Advisory Council of the Malaysian Islamic institutions is a composite of 87 Malaysian civil institutions. It organized several humanitarian convoys to the Gaza Strip and implemented many relief and development projects.