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IPS attacks ill Palestinian prisoner
IPS attacks ill Palestinian prisoner
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli Prison Services (IPS) attacked the prisoner Yousof Al-Shahatit from Dora in Hebron while he was being transferred to hospital as he was in serious condition.

Prisoners Studies Center blamed the occupation of anything bad happened to Al-Shahatit's life . "Al-Shahatit  suffers from serious physical and psychological diseases," the Center indicated,  saying that," his life is in danger as a result of staying in solitary confinement for a long time."  

The center pointed out that the prisoner suffers from heart disorder, irregular heartbeats, his leg is broken and he hardly breathes  .

"He demanded several times to be exposed to specialized doctors because he has suffered recently from severe pains in chest, but (IPS) always rejected his demand. " the Center added.

"Israeli occupation  kills him slowly. They did not give him treatments although he suffers from several serious diseases", Al-Shahatit's father said.

He called for  the International Institutions especially the medical ones to interfere urgently and give his son the appropriate treatment before he dies.   

It is noteworthy that Al-Sahatit was detained on 11March, 2003 and sentenced for 18 years . He was exposed to severe torture that badly affected his health.