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Renewed excavations in Khan Al-laban by Israeli authorities
Renewed excavations in Khan Al-laban by Israeli authorities
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli forces surrounded on Sunday Khan Al-laban on the Ramallah-Nablus historical road, assisted by civil administration officers, and began working on "archaeological excavations"

Khalid Daraghmeh confirmed he "has papers proving him owner of the Al Khan the Khan Al-laban area", explaining that "his family and himself has been facing for more than 8 years repeated settler attacks to remove them."

He added that "this is the second time in a week his property is being besieged and going through digging operations,"

Coordinator of the Popular Campaign Against the Wall and Settlement Jamal Jum'a said that "the civil administration and settlers are pursuing crimes against unarmed people, water and land theft in an attempt to confiscate the al-Khan under the arguments 'archaeological excavations,'"

Jum'a called on the Palestinian Authority, the European Union and international bodies to intervene to save the region, and on the neighboring Palestinians to support the steadfastness of Khaled Daraghmeh through their presence in his home to protect it.

It is noteworthy that Khan Al-laban is a sensitive area, and has been an Israeli army and settlers' annexation target for years, being located inbetween the settlements of "Eilih" and "HE Abona."