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2012 reportedly a record year for settlement building
2012 reportedly a record year for settlement building
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Gaza, Alray - Land Research Centre (LRC) stated Sunday that 2012 turned out to have been a record year for the settlement enterprise.

Jamal Alamlah, Director of the LCR, said in a press statement that the Israeli Occupation Forces during 2012 have razed 144 buildings belonged to Palestinians in the West Bank, confiscated 27 thousands donums, burned 64 thousands trees and erect 240 military checkpoints.

Alamlah pointed out that the percentage of Palestinian demolished houses has noticeably increased since 20009.

“The IOF is following the same policy of 1984 by confiscating the Palestinian lands and placing Israelis instead of the original residents,” added Alamlah.

He called for filing a sue against IOF in the international criminal court and to launch media campaigns to expose the crimes committed against Palestinians by Israeli occupation.