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Al-Dierawi: Egyptian opposition defames Palestinian resistance.
Al-Dierawi: Egyptian opposition defames Palestinian resistance.
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Gaza, Alray - "Egyptian opposition media seeks to screw the Palestinian resistance," Ibrahim al-Dierawi, the director of Palestinian Centre for Studies said.

He explained, during the second session of a seminar held by the Turkish Centre for Studies and Research, that the relationship between Egypt and Gaza has, before and after the Egyptian revolution, changed totally.

"  The previous Egyptian  government accepted Israel's  releasing of  350 Palestinian detainees in  Gilad Shalit prisoner swap deal by German mediator – but it did not took place- ,   while the present Egyptian government- after the Egyptian revolution-  exerted  pressure on Israel and was able to lead it releasing  1050 Palestinian detainees," al – Dierawi explained as an example.

Egyptian opposition media accused Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi of biasing in favor of Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi explained his strategy regarding Palestinian cause in three points as follows, establishing the Palestinian state m breaking the siege, and the Palestinian reconciliation.