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Jordanian journalists storm out Davos
Jordanian journalists storm out Davos
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Gaza, Alray - Jordanian journalists withdrew from the World Economic Forum "Davos" of 2013, held at the Dead Sea in Jordan, in protest at the Israeli attendance.

Shimon Peres, accompanied by hundreds of Israeli businessmen, arrived at the Dead Sea to participate in the closing ceremony of the World Economic Forum "Davos" 2013.

The annual Davos forum, hosted by Jordan for the seventh time discusses the economic situation in the Arab world in light of the political changes in the region, focusing on stimulating economic growth and job creation.

Arab politicians like Amr Moussa, the Jordan's King Abdallah, Lebanon's former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The participants represent more than 23 countries from around the world, and more than 40 international companies in the fields of investment banking, energy, technology and infrastructure.