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(Israel) raids Jenin, detains 14 across West Bank
(Israel) raids Jenin, detains 14 across West Bank
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JENIN, Alray - Israeli forces detained four men from Jenin on Monday, residents said.

Israeli special forces raided the northern West Bank city and detained Shadi al-Darbi, 30, Hassan Meri, 19, Waseem Ortani, 18, and Sleiman Lahlouh, 20. Sleiman was later released. 

Al-Derbi's father told Ma’an that Israeli troops surrounded the house and damaged an entrance gate using explosives. He said soldiers treated the family "brutally" and caused a "huge mess" before leaving.

He added that the soldiers harassed his son Ahmad and his wife. 

Onlookers said police dogs attacked 70-year-old Ahmad al-Darbi and his seven-year-old grandson, Ali. Neither was injured. 

An Israeli army spokeswoman said 14 people were arrested including the two in Jenin. She said during that raid, Palestinians hurled "two improvised grenades and one firebomb" at the soldiers. 

She said soldiers arrested two Palestinians in Nablus, six in the Qalqiliya area, one in Qalandiya and three in the Hebron area.