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Israeli forces detain a journalist, 6 citizens throughout WB
Israeli forces detain a journalist, 6 citizens throughout WB
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli forces arrested Monday at dawn a journalist after raiding his home in the village of al-Tabaqa in Dura south of Hebron.

Locals said "a group of Israeli conscripts stormed and inspected the house of the journalist Odai al-Harbiyat, taking him to an unknown destination,"

In the same context, Israeli forces stormed at dawn also a number of towns and neighborhoods in Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank.

Security sources indicated that several military patrols raided the towns of al-Zaheriyeh, Halhul and Edhneh, and inspected a decor center.

Six civilians were also detained and others wounded during a raid an extensive raid operation throughout Jenin, leaving people's property vandalized.

Witnesses said "the detainees are Hassan Merhi, 19, Sulaiman Lahlouh, 20, and Wasim Awartani, 18, and Shadi Derby, 32.

They added "three members of the Derby family were variedly injured as  a result of attacking police dogs. They are identified as the father, 62, his sister, 34, and the child, 7.

The Israeli forces also arrested Mohammed Mitanni, 16, Yabud town south of Jenin, taking him to an unknown destination.

They also kidnapped late last night Natiq Hossam, 22, at a military checkpoint at the entrance to Arraba town south of Jenin.