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Palestinian graffiti artist reinvents traditional Arabic calligraphy
  • Culture
  • 09:04 20 April 2016
Palestinian graffiti artist reinvents traditional Arabic calligraphy
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World Bulletin, Gaza- Bilal Khalid, a Palestinian graffiti artist, is bringing urban style to a traditional craft of Arabic calligraphy.

From cars, handbags, street walls as well as human bodies, Khaled is leaving his prints almost everywhere in the Gaza Strip, which currently is under blockade by neighboring Egypt and Israel.

"Calligraphy art is of course the art of handwriting and playing with handwriting to produce beautiful works," Khalid said. "Some of the works you don't necesarrily need to understand. But it carries and adds a certain beauty to the letters."

Khalid's work has become particularly popular at local retail outlets. He also does free custom work to beautify the Gaza Strip, where he lives.

"I am a bodybuilder, and I wanted to stand out. Arabic handwriting expresses a lot about our heritage, that is really important," Adham Khuzayek, a member of Palestinian national bodybuilding team and one of Khalid's clients, said.