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West Bank cities set on fire
West Bank cities set on fire
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Mounting friction has erupted in the West Bank cities after announcing the death of Palestinian detainee Arafat Shalish Shahin Jaradat in Majedou Israeli prison. On protests for the death of Jaradat Palestinians clashed with Israeli Military Forces in Bab AL zaweia in Hebron.

Jaradat's death sparks off the fire on Sa'ir town north of Hebron, which is Jaradat's home town.

Tens of Palestinians protest in Ramallah's central square, showing their outrage over Jaradat, a father of two children, death.

Waed society said Jaradat was in good health before his arrest and did not suffer from any diseases or health conditions. According to informed sources Jaradat subjected to slang interrogation and was torture before his death.

  Arafat's wife, Dalal, said  an Israeli intelligence officer brought him back to his home minutes after being arrested and told him to bid farewell to his children.