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Azhar Grand Sheikh: Israel seeks to Judaize Al-Quds
Azhar Grand Sheikh: Israel seeks to Judaize Al-Quds
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Gaza, Alray - Azhar Grand Sheikh Dr Ahmad Al-Tayeb called on Wednesday for Arab unity to face Israel Judaizing policy in Jerusalem.

He expressed in a meeting with a committee from Al-Quds International Institution his extreme concerns of the impacts of Arab's division on the Palestinian cause.  

The delegation updated  al- Tayeb  on the latest Israeli adopted plans and  policy that seek  to Judaize the Islamic features of Jerusalem in general and Al- Quds in particular.  

Mohammad Akram, member of Al-Quds International Institution, noted that the institution is working on a plan so that it could face Israel Judaizing policies.

"The plan consists of three points, the first is identifying the Islamic Waqfs all-round the world, the second is establishing a chair in Jerusalem history studies while the third is signing twining agreement between Al-Quds International Institution   and Al-Azhar University.

"Jerusalem history and Palestinian cause must be identifying in the research papers and in the international Media" Azhar Grand Sheikh said.