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"Journalists support" calls to stop Israeli aggression against journalists
"Journalists support" calls to stop Israeli aggression against journalists
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Gaza, ALRAY – The Journalists support committee called upon the international institutions concerned with the rights of journalists to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop its aggression against the Palestinian journalists.


The Committee called in a statement issued on Wednesday, for the release of journalists and media workers in the radio without charge attributed to them, and with the guarantee of freedom of opinion and expression as guaranteed to them in accordance with international laws.


Earlier this morning, the Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawn the entire crew of Al-Sanabel Radio in the southern city of Hebron south of the West Bank, after the closing and confiscating of its entire contents.


The Committee stressed that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects the freedom of expression on the basis that every human being has the right to hold opinions without interference.


Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation threatened to stop airing of five other institutions, under the pretext of broadcast inflammatory statements against Israeli occupation.


The Committee pointed out in a previous report that monitors the Israeli violations against human rights since the beginning of 2016. The report stated that there are more than 10 closures and threats of closure of media organizations, including Palestine today, and the al-Aqsa TV channel and Mosawa channel from the occupied territories.